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As far back as the 16th century, wood has been used for flooring in homes. Beautiful and intricately designed wooden floors were more prevalent in the wealthy and royal homes during this beginning era of wood flooring.

The hand cut contrasting colored hardwood floors were made with French parquetry and marquetry patterns. They were scrubbed with sand, stained and polished.

Eventually, wooden floors were mass produced throughout America from 1840-1910 and they became more affordable and readily available to all people.

As time passed, more and more people in all income ranges were now able to enjoy the warmth and smoothness of hardwood floors and get off the cold earthen floor.

Since that early time, hardwood floors have greatly been improved upon and the design inlays are more intricate than ever.

 At Consult Inspect Design we treat every customer like royalty and every home like a castle.

Specialist Service & Professional Advice

We are the flooring specialists online and in retail. You can trust our experienced staff to provide you with top quality service — from planning and inspiring design ideas, to selecting the right floor for your needs. We handle all the details, big or small, so you can focus on enjoying your beautiful new flooring.

Inspection Services are provided to insure you can make an informed decision on how to proceed on an installed floor or how to insure a floor will be installed correctly. We have successfully help manufacturers, distributors, contractors and homeowner litigate when necessary to achieve the outcome originally desired

We are glad to answer all your questions – online or on the phone. Contact us!

For over three decades, Consult Inspect Design has been installing and refinishing premium wood floors in businesses and residences throughout the United States, certified by the National Wood Flooring Association in Installation and Sand & Finishing. Consult Inspect Design prides itself on its commitment to customer service and its knowledge of the ever-diversifying wood flooring industry.  In today's global marketplace, we realize that our customers are making more informed decisions about their wood flooring purchases than ever before.

Tony Robison, our lead craftsman,is also a nationally known Hand Scrape expert.

At Consult Inspect Design, our staff will assist you in flooring anything from a single room to a 90,000 square foot commercial property.  We are confident in the training and expertise our staff brings to every project.

The decision to install or refinish wood flooring should always be an informed one.  If you are considering the purchase of wood flooring, either prefinished, natural or decorative, stop by Washington Wood Floors Showroom and see for yourself how beautiful, practical and affordable wood floors can be.

Fresh Design & Easy Help

Looking for the latest design trends? Not sure what you want? We have the product and design expertise to help you arrive at a decision that's right for you. Our flooring specialists are here to help you through your decision-making process by giving you the information you need (and not a sales pitch) so you get the floor of your dreams.

The Largest Selection

No matter what your flooring need, we have the solution. We offer the widest selection of quality flooring in the USA. We shop the world to source the best products available in the market today. Our extensive selection of colors, styles and patterns can satisfy every design need, budget and lifestyle.

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