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Our pricing is fair and honest for the services we perform.

Although every job is different the following prices will be in effect for the majority of our services.


2 1/4 to 4" (strip) nail down unfinished solid
$3.50 sq ft
4 1/4 to 6" (plank) nail down unfinished solid
$3.75 sq ft
Unfinished solid wider than 6" (wide plank)
$4.50 sq ft
Parquet Installation unfinished
$3.75 sq ft
Pegging of wider planks (various styles)
$1.00 ea. +
Engineered gluedown unfinished
$3.75 sq ft
Prefinished strip (2 1/4 -4)
$3.50 sq ft
Prefinished plank (4 1/4 and above)
$3.75 sq ft
Parquet Installation prefinished
$4.25 sq ft
Install paint grade base board up to 6" tall
$2.25 linear ft
Install and finish wood base up to 6" tall
$3.25 linear ft
Install paint grade base shoe/quarter round
$1.75 linear ft
Install and finish wood quarter round
$2.25 linear ft
Removal and disposal of carpet/pad/staples
$1.15 sq f
Removal and disposal of naildown wood floor
$1.75 sq ft

All of our installs include picture framing fireplaces, header boards at sliders and carpet.

Unfinished installations include jobsite manufactured reducers at vinyl or tile.

Sand and Finishing

Sanding the floor usually includes filling small gaps or cracks and nail holes using proper sanding sequences for the appropriate finish (see more about types of finishes here).

Minimal masking off of cabinets in kitchen if included. Vacuuming of baseboards and window jams in sanded areas. We usually prefer that you not be present during the sand and finishing process because of obvious safety concerns (read more about our Dust Containment services). We do understand the process is an inconvenience and we will work with you to help make the process more palatable.

Our base charges include 1 coat of sealer and 2 coats of finish (polyurethane).

500 to 1000 sq ft
$4.00 sq ft
1000 sq ft and above
$3.75 sq ft
Kitchens and bathrooms add
$ .25 sq ft
Staining Floors add
$1.00 sq ft
Dye and Stain add
$1.75 sq ft
White or Limeing and Whitewashing add
$1.75 sq ft
Handscraping (plus finishing costs and based on type of scrape desired.)
Starts at $4.00 sq. ft.
Minimum Charge for Sand and Finish is $1350.00


Recoats (refinishes)

High build finishes like polyurethane and swedish only require 1 coat. Waterbase finishes may require 2 coats depending on the floor.

Screen and Recoat
$2.00 sq ft
Additional coats = $ .25 sq ft
$ 1.25 sq ft

Aluminum Oxide Finish

Prefinished floors with an Aluminum Oxide Finish require additional prep work and must be chemically abraded due to the hardness. Failure to do so may result in peeling of a recoated floor.

Recoating Aluminum Oxide
$2.25 sq ft
Additional Coats
$ 1.25 sq ft

Special Discounts

1000 sq ft and above will allow us to decrease sq ft pricing $.25 in most cases (bathrooms and kitchens not included for instance)

We do offer a discount to Builders, General Contractors, Designers, Architects, and Specifiers based on volume.

For more information and scheduling
Phone: 714-269-5777
Email: info@hardwoodinspector.com



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